Life Coach Training

Coaching is the ultimate career choice for your own personal development. Not only do you help people make incredible changes to their lives, but as you coach and work with others, you can’t help but make massive improvements for yourself and your business.

It’s a huge win for all involved as far as we’re concerned, which is why we’ve been training coaches for so long. In fact, it’s where we started over 12 years ago from a small St Leonards office in Sydney’s North. We were here early in the piece when Life Coaching first began mainstream entry into Australia.

If you are keen on becoming a coach then you’ve probably been looking around at what training is available, maybe you’ve been weighing up the pros and cons to find out which training is best for you.

Training with us has one very distinct (and what we think) is an extremely important part of training to be a coach – we also show you how to run and market your coaching business. This is key to becoming successful as a coach, and it’s an essential ingredient that many trainings don’t even touch on.

We’re not just gonna show you how to be a coach and then “sayonara, see ya later” – you get some specific business and marketing training, plus coaching sessions with one of our Master Coaches after your training. They will work with you on implementing what you’ve learnt. After all, making it easy for the right people to find you is how you are going to have a coaching business that you love.

Now, we know you love to help people, that’s why you want to become a coach, and we just have to mention that the financial rewards can be pretty good too. You can easily make over $100 per hour for helping people to improve their lives and businesses.

Some of the results that clients of our graduates have had after only a short period of coaching:
  • Increased (and often, doubled) income
  • Massive health improvements, weight loss, clearing up of long term ailments
  • Increased emotional well-being, clear thinking, genuine happiness
  • Getting a dream job or career
  • Starting or growing a business
  • Deeper self awareness, spiritual connection, and sense of purpose
  • Finding a new relationship or significant other and improving existing relationships
  • Awesome new experiences such as fantastic holidays, overseas travel, and new adventures that were thought impossible before

Ready to find out more, or just want to get started? Request a call from our team to find out more, get course dates and pricing.

Now just to be a little more formal, here’s an interesting fact about what people look for in their employment and how that relates to you as a Life or Business Coach:

Leadership Management Australia recently released the Leadership Employment and Direction Survey. The study focused on employee performance, but as you will see, what they found is directly relevant to your Coaching career.

The study found that the top 5 factors that influence employee performance are:

  • Being entrusted with responsibility
  • Doing interesting and challenging work
  • Having a good relationship with leadership
  • Receiving feedback and good communication in general
  • Enjoying good relationships with other staff

These are some of the exact reasons that people will come to you for coaching. You’ll be creating an ideal high performance environment for your clients. Because:

  • You’ll be coaching them on how to be fully responsible for their own lives
  • Because the work your clients do with you will be interesting and challenging for them
  • Because your clients will come to treasure their relationship with you
  • Because the positive feedback you give to your clients can literally transform the way they act and feel about themselves
  • Because one of the first things your clients will notice is how they are getting on better with the people around them (and by the way, this will happen to you too)!

What’s more, the Leadership Survey concluded that:

Enormous opportunities exist for those leaders who take the time to build relationships, to listen, and to ensure that employees increased responsibilities are matched by appropriate skill development and learning.

Go back to the last sentence and replace the word leaders with coaches, and the word employees with clients. Now, are you beginning to understand what the future might hold for you when you’re a Life Coach and/or Business Coach?

And bear in mind this observation from marketing expert Jay Abraham:

People are silently begging to be led.

So doesn’t it make sense to lead them and reap the rewards?

Remember, you will be trained to lead by people who didn’t necessarily start out as leaders themselves, but who now spend every working day inspiring and challenging people to be their best.

Ready to start?

Become an eQ Master Coach

Opportunities exist for stand out Advanced Level Coaching graduates to commence Master Coach training. If you’re up to the challenge, you could soon be starting a new life as a full-time member of the eQ Coaching Team. Team membership is by invitation only, and is strictly limited to Coaches, trained by eQ, who demonstrate high-level dedication and commitment to the Success Coaching profession.