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Sarah-Marie Davis
Job Title:Coach

Embracing change and all of its opportunities, is a concept Sarah-Marie is well and truly familiar with. Originally from NZ, Sarah-Marie has been travelling the world for the last 15 years, living in eight cities and five countries, with her current base being Brisbane.
During her 20 years in the corporate arena, Sarah-Marie was largely focused on behavioural change management, employee engagement and development programmes, process improvement and internal corporate communication. Additionally she has worked in three start-up businesses where she was required to be a “jack-of-all-trades”.

For the last 16 years her passion for knowledge has been focused on diving into the world of positive psychology, sociology, physiology and metaphysics.

As a coach Sarah-Marie believes every person carries inside themselves the solutions for the challenges they experience and she encourages all her clients to fall in-love with the journey of self-discovery as they shed old limiting belief systems and embrace new empowering ones. None of us know where we will be lead on our journey to know ourselves better - absolutely anything is possible - which is why the adventure can be so exciting if we choose it to be.

Sarah-Marie looks forward to supporting you in creating tangible and long-lasting success in your life.

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