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Kylie Anderson
Job Title:Coach

Kylie believes that listening to your heart is the driver of finding your happiness. It is a mantra that has led her to coach others to listen to their heart, as they discover their life purpose. Kylie has a passion for learning and a love for love. This journey called life has blessed her with many life-growing experiences, especially in the loving relationship with her children, being one of her greatest achievements.
Beginning her career in the finance industry saw a quick development of leadership skills used in her role as a Bank Manager. Kylie’s commitment to growth and education was nourished as she inspired young minds as both a Primary School Teacher, then as an Assistant Principal. Her thirst for learning was again satisfied as she developed leadership skills and deepened her spirituality while studying a Masters of Educational Leadership.

It is Kylie’s passion for love, for self and others, that has led her to help others achieve their hearts desires, as they learn from their life challenges and achieve the relationships and success they deserve. Kylie has a gift for being able to relate to people of all ages and at many different stages of their lives. She compassionately and calmly listens to help you re-discover your belief in self, supporting you to create the life you desire.

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