Emotional Clearing Intensive

Emotional Clearing Intensive is a 2 day seminar that will clear emotional blocks so you can start achieving your full potential.

You’ll experience 8 different clearing techniques that will liberate you from past emotional hurts and empower you to have the career, business, health, wealth and relationships you desire.

I’m sure you’ve heard the cliche: It’s not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up that matters.

It’s corny, but it’s true.

When we strengthen our resilience during the tough times – this is where we build on our success.

Every day we go through challenges, some big, some small, and some horrific. Regardless of the challenge, we can either overcome these and grow, or we can let these hurdles overcome us and spiral out of control. Drinking, smoking, excessive shopping and spending, overeating, drugs – anything to numb the pain and lessen our feelings of inadequacy.

We created ECI because we wanted all of our eQ Community to equip themselves with the tools they need to overcome all hurdles, regardless of size or severity.

More importantly, we want you to feel empowered.

So that you can handle all situations with ease and grace, with the tenacity and courage that you need to get you through.

All of these have always been inside you, but our guess is that maybe you haven’t given yourself credit for having them…

Up until now…

We would love to help you become the person you truly want to be.

The Real You.

We run this program once a year, and we've included some testimonials from our graduates from last years' program to help your decision:

Before I attended Emotional Clearing Intensive I wasn’t really sure as to what I was going to do and didn’t know what I’d gain from attending this program. On Sunday night, I came away feeling that I’d made positive changes to my thoughts and belief systems, I learnt to accept myself, others viewpoints and I realised that the universe and I are aligned!Nicky Karst
Before the program I was looking for some techniques to improve my meditation and get a clear mind. I gained good techniques and a good vibe/peaceful feeling. I’m looking forward to applying this new knowledge!Catalina Pinto
I came with a specific emotional problem, and I learnt that it is possible to survive and grow in all sorts of situations. I realised that I can now forgive what I considered once unforgivable. During the weekend my program has not been resolved, but I expect that over the next few days, as my brain sorts out what I have learnt and experienced, that I will make progress. I have two processes that I will apply at home and I am very hopeful that I find a resolutionIngrid Matiuk
Since going through a number of clearing exercises over the weekend, I feel confident and strong within myself to be able to communicate my thoughts and feelings with others without being nervous of their reactions. I also had a huge ‘A-ha” moment relating to career and business. I was so unsure of my path and finding my passion, and putting pressure on myself for the fact that I ‘should’ know. I realised I just need to keep myself in the right environment to support this in order to manifest. Although I don’t know my exact path, I do know the perfect environment I need to be in for this to happen!Sarah
Before the course I felt overwhelmed and stuck. I feel now a bit lighter and that I have some tools to be able to shift my negativity out of the way, with purposeful positivity.Shari
I thoroughly enjoyed this program as it was packed full of information and fantastic clearing techniques. Peter Conna delivered this program brilliantly and I was blown away by the value for money. This course is a must for anyone looking to clear any blocks stopping them from achieving their goals.Natalie
Before the weekend, I felt a little lost and unsupported, not really sure if a plan/decision was the right one… but willing to give it energy and work with it. This weekend has clarified lots and cleared some ‘stuff’. I allowed myelf to be a little vulnerable, not so hard, allowed emotion, allowed myself time, taking away the ‘busy’ness of life. Thank you Peter Conna, I will get on with the plan now, I just needed support – outside of myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and I learnt a lot about myself and I gave myself permission to be…. Many thanks to the team as well – and the chance to reconnect with so many people that I have met over the last two years at different times.Helen Ambrose
I know some of the techniques will help me change my perception of my reality. The biggest take away from this weekend is that I am 100% responsible for what my mind rumbles around and that I am also capable of changing that energy for a different one.Nicolas
Before starting this course I felt very lost, anxious about many areas of my life, quite bitter and sad. At the end of the second day, I now feel confident that I have all of the tools and knowledge necessary to move forward, be a much happier, more positive person than I was before. I am very excited because very very soon I will be able to meet the love of my life, the person who I will share the rest of my life with and finally find the right premises where I will be creating the most amazing wedding and celebration cakes. We have covered all areas in the past two days and I know if I every feel stuck, I can and will go back to my notes, talk to any of the lovely eQ team and I am very excited because, with the confidence I gained back, I will be able to stand in front of my clients, and share my knowledge with them. Thank you Peter and the eQ events team!Gabriella